Monday, March 29, 2010

March 29th 2010 Good Stuff

*Rachel and I spent the day at work drawing pictures of animals that were meant to represent the other person in some way...that was amusing. Later, that developed into us planning a line of disabled stuffed animals that we should produce because she thought it was sad that disabled animals were not represented in the stuffed animal line of toys. Ok...I totally was in on that idea as well :/

*The new Jonsi album!!! OMG I got to hear the new Jonsi album thanks to Ana and it's SOOOO good :D I'm in love with it!! Favorite track already: Tornado! I'm so in love with that song!! It's just beautiful. God, I wish he were coming here with his amazing looking tour. ETA: Just heard Grow Til Tall for the first time and's amazing too...maybe tied with Tornado for favorite track. You can just close your eyes and melt away into that track.

*The weather. It's just been beautiful here today. Upper 60's, windy, sunny...just nice...

*My new headphones. If you're looking for new headphones, earbuds specifically, might I suggest Skullcandy headphones! They're fantastic! Sound amazing, block out all outside noise, and don't feel weird or fall out of your ears.

*Orange cream slushes from Sonic.

*Ummm...Tornado by Jonsi...seriously, go click on that link above and listen to's incredible.

*How about just Jonsi...he's a good thing.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

March 28th, 2010 Good Stuff

*I had a day off of work finally.....

*I had a therapy session that was a lot of fun today! The reason why it was fun is that I got to break out the crayons for the first time and did a really fun activity that went over better than I had planned. Which is always a good thing.

*I slept a lot

*I had my first crawfish of the season :D I went to eat with Megan, Shane and some guy I don't know after the counseling session at a great little seafood restaurant and was very happy find crawfish at a somewhat reasonable price. We talked music over lunch which is always a great topic to me :D

*I started my first Dorothy Sayers book today and OMG I'm in love with it!!! And from what I've heard from reviews of it, it's one of the "worst" of her books. So if this is supposedly one of her worst, damn I can't wait to see what her best is like!

Now if I can shake this three day headache, I'll be fine :/

Monday, March 22, 2010

March 22nd, 2010 Good Stuff

I don't know what's with 2010, but it's just been a rough year...I can't get it together for some reason. Every time I feel like I'm starting to get it together again, I seem to fall back a little bit. Hopefully something will swing into place soon.....But there is good stuff going on!

*I got to see a really good show the other night! JBM, Avi Buffalo and Rogue Wave were all fantastic and I have pictures that I'll upload here eventually. This guy JBM was a last minute addition. He's from upstate New York and at one point was playing guitar, drums, harmonica and singing all at the same time :O He's a singer/songwriter...very folk-y type stuff and reminded me a lot of a modern Nick Drake. Just fell in love with his stuff! I highly recommend you check him out on iTunes.

*I got tickets for another show! This one is on June 16th. I'm going to see Passion Pit! They're playing with Tokyo Police Club who's fun as well. I'm super excited by all of this live music lately :D

*I broke my 'NO ARC' rule today. I was contacted by Underland Press for an ARC of Martin Millar's new book which isn't due out until's called Curse of the Wolf Girl and it's a follow up to Lonely Werewolf Girl. Super duper excited about that one :D And now I totally have to read Lonely Werewolf Girl NOW.

*Starbucks Dark Cherry Mocha Frappucinos. I hate Starbucks...I really do. But it was the only available option yesterday and I saw this new drink that they had so I decided to try it out and it freaking rocks!

*I had a massage today and it was a little piece of heaven.

*Emails and friends even though I'm a horrible friend in return and don't respond :/ I'm trying guys I'm sorry :(

And now I'm going to try to go catch up on my blog reading and maybe actually respond to comments on my own blog and maybe even write a new post...maybe even a review?!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

March 14th, 2010 Good Stuff

*Another day of just doing absolutely nothing. I had a REAL weekend this weekend!!! I haven't had that in forever!

*My Google Reader says "0" That is such a good feeling.

*I started reading This World We Live In by Susan Beth Pfeffer last night (despite the fact that I'm in the middle of two other books) and I couldn't put it down! I ended up reading half of it. It's not perfect, but it's DEFINITELY a page turner and it's definitely entertaining. And it keeps me on edge. I love those kind of books. And I really love this series. It's the third "moon book" as I've come to call the series.

*Tomorrow night I'm going to see Rogue Wave and Avi Buffalo after work :D I haven't been to a show in so long. So excited about it!!! And then less than a month to wait until Vampire Weekend! I found out that Abe Vigoda is playing with them. I don't know them at all. Anyone else know them?
*Today was the St. Patrick's Day parade in New Orleans! I didn't go. But my sister did so we have lots of veggies, ramen noodles, soap, oranges, etc. etc. to last us for awhile. It's one of my favorite parades. Any parade where they throw cabbages at your head just automatically rocks :p Yes, we have odd traditions in New Orleans, I know :p
*I made a craft!! I've been wanting to do something crafty lately and I give ALL of you permission to laugh at me :p Because this is laughable, but dammit I'm proud of it and it's something i'll use. I bought an ounce of fresh lavender recently to help with my headaches and got sick of just smelling it in the bag. So today I made an eyemask with it! Basically I just cut a big square out of an old tshirt and sewed it around the edges and then turned it inside out so that you can't see the seam. Then I stuffed it full with all of the lavender and sewed it shut! And it smells so good!!! And now I'm quite proud of myself :D

Saturday, March 13, 2010

March 13th, 2010 Good Stuff

*My spirits were up today. It felt like a good day.

*The weather could not be any more gorgeous than it was today!!! Mid 60's all day today with tons of sunshine. Nice and cool with 20-30 mile per hour winds all day. I just wanted to literally be swept up by mother nature. So gorgeous.

*I got a haircut finally! One sign of depression for me is that my hair gets terribly unruly :/

*I had a really good session with a client today with lots of breakthroughs that ended with her mom telling me "we're so lucky to have you". The reason that matters is because I was TERRIFIED that this mother HATED me. She doesn't.

*My sister bought a new car today!!

*I blogged!

*I traded emails with people I love!!

*I've discovered that when I'm reading books of poetry, I understand them better when I read them aloud. Even if it's very softly. The reason for this is that by reading aloud, it cancels out all of the other things going on in my head :/ My thoughts that tend to get away from me while I'm trying to concentrate. I started reading Aurora Leigh aloud and it's really added to the experience. Damn, this is a beautiful book. I'm in complete awe of the beauty in which Browning used words! I just want to read this book aloud to everyone.

*And now I'm laying in my bed drinking red wine from a coffee mug. Which is my favorite way to drink wine :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

March 8th, 2010 Good Stuff

*So many wonderful emails from good friends. I realized today that it's been quite sometime since I've posted on either of my blogs and probably even longer since I've commented on anyone else's blog. I'm still reading everyone's blogs and keeping up to date. It makes me smile to see what's going on in the Stevens' household, that there are new moorhen chickies by Pat!, that Ana is continuing to read amazing books that will add to my pile and writing thought provoking posts and updating me on what I need to be listening to, that Amanda is continuing to write and redefining her blogs, that Jason continues to write the most thought provoking posts and lyrical posts, etc. etc. etc....I could go one here about all of my blogging friends. What I mean here is that everyone has made me smile. And while I have seemingly neglected everyone by not commenting and letting them know that I'm here still, I continue to get these sweet emails. I can't describe how much I cherish some of the friendships I have made over the internet. The thought that they have gone beyond my blog is so special to me. That they have been solidified. It just fills me with so much happiness. And I've needed that.

*Homemade crocheted finger puppets and bookmarks :D

*Little powdered donuts.

*A clean car. I was talking to Debi about this over email earlier. One of the things I do to relax myself, to give myself "me time" is drive around in my car and listen to music. I can do that for literally hours. I've done it ever since I started driving. Well my car has been a mess lately and it's just been added stress. So today I cleaned it! Vacuumed it, cleaned the windows and cleaned all of the interior. Just having the clean space gives me peace and makes all the difference.

*An absolutely amazing book written by an equally amazing friend.

*Another amazing book that I finished tonight, The Einstein Intersection by Samuel Delaney. I've been having this on my TBR for literally YEARS! I heard about it from Neil Gaiman when I first started reading his blog. He wrote the introduction for it. I had hoped to read it for the February GLBT mini-challenge since Delaney was an African American gay man. But it didn't get read in February. But it's a sci-fi classic that I'd recommend to anyone and everyone. I almost wouldn't even call it sci-fi. Yes it's set in the future and has some fantastical elements and the main characters are not human, but it's more philisophical. Just a beautiful book.

I don't know if this means I'm back to blogging. But I'm going to try to be. I still don't know what to post on Stuff as Dreams. I guess I need something explaining my absence, but I'm just not up for doing book reviews yet. The motivation is not entirely there yet. But I want to thank everyone for their support and kind words over the last several weeks. It's just been a rough go of things, but things could definitely be worse than they are. Love you all!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

February 22, 2010 Good Stuff - iPhone Pic Edition!

*The new app on my iPhone that lets me count down the days until I get to see Debi and co. :D

*The new 32 oz. size coffee at my favorite coffee shop :p

*While at the french quarter today, Megan and I discovered this little "park". It's kind of odd, but very pretty. It's odd because it's as big as what you see and it's considered a national park and actually has 2 forest rangers that work the middle of the quarter. Very strange. But it's neat because they have all this info on the history of the french quarter in the attached buildings and all sorts of native Louisiana plants outside.

*This is one of said native Louisiana plants. I haven't seen them in ages! They reminded me of my aunt Shirley. When I was a kid, she was my favorite aunt and she had them in pots all over her back yard. We used to call them "rubber plants" because the leaves have the consistency of rubber. I learned today that their common name is actually a "ghost plant" How cool is that!?

*We then went to Royal Street which is the street in the quarter where all of the art galleries are. We found this amazing gallery with an artist who paints people while they are nude and then photographs them and I was blown away by his art. But I couldn't take pics in there. I did take a pic in this mask shop though ;) I've been wanting one of these masks forever! Aren't they cool? Didn't buy one, but you can see them at least ;)

*We then found a lovely little restaurant called Pere Antoine right on the corner. Great food and drinks and great prices. And the weather was just gorgeous out today, so they had all of the windows open. Here's our view.

*And here's our drinks :) An Abita Bock for me and a Bloody Mary for Megan.

*My song obsession of the week. Seriously, I think everyone needs to go to iTunes right now and download this single. And then go watch the video because it's afuckingmazing.

*The two shirts I bought today at Urban Outfitters. I'm in love with my Where the Wild Things Are shirt :D I've actually been wanting one for ages, but couldn't find the right one! This one is just perfect. It has that nice worn and soft feeling to it and I just love it.

*This was my other purchase of the day. The french quarter has lots of "occult shops" so we stopped in one of them and picked up a couple of things. One is a bag of lavender because lavender is supposed to help migraines. I might put some in a sock or something to smell when I get a headache. The other thing that I bought is a charm! It's for people who are depressed or stuck in a funk and you're supposed to carry it around. I bought one for myself and one for a friend who's been going through a lot of crap lately.

All in all, it was a fantastic day :D